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Obituary: Aromatherapy Associates Chairman & Co-founder Geraldine Howard

Geraldine Howard, Chairman and Co-founder of Aromatherapy Associates, sadly passed away yesterday after a long fight against cancer.

Geraldine was celebrated across the world for her huge contribution to the industry and over the years received countless prestigious accolades; just last November she was awarded a ‘CEW Achiever Award’, whilst in December she took the honour as ‘Leading Woman in Wellness’ at the Global Wellness Awards. She was also recognised as one of the best loved people in Beauty and Wellbeing and her passion, enthusiasm and love for her work was infectious.

It was always Geraldine’s mission to tell the world how incredible essential oils are and she saw Aromatherapy Associates as more than a business; it was her way of life.

Most recently, in response to her own health challenges, she blended Inner Strength, helping to raise tens of thousands of pounds for innovative new cancer research. Such is testament to Geraldine that even in the midst of her personal struggle, she found a way to help other people. Geraldine’s philosophy was to treat people well, always be fair and live a full life with no regrets and having spent much of her career educating people, she is known across the globe for her kindness, generosity of spirit and incredible passion. Working tirelessly to spread the word and try and help improve lives, Geraldine has always credited a huge amount of her success to the people who have surrounded and supported her over the past 30 years and for those people she was eternally grateful.

Announcement and image by Diary directory

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