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Laboraide is a lightweight and discreet mouthpiece designed as a natural aid to childbirth, helping to reduce the pain of contractions and the duration of labour. This simple device acts as a cushion between the teeth which can be and alleviates tension in the jaw during childbirth. Independent clinical trials have shown that using a dental support device such as Laboraide can reduce the length of the second stage of labour by as much as 40%. The scientifically researched device also allows you to use additional pain relief methods such as gas, air, a tens machine or epidural.

Light – Laboaride can be popped easily into hospital bag ready for labour.

Natural – a non invasive aid to your baby’s birth .

Discreet – apart from mum to be, on one else will know the mouth guard is in place.

Comfortable – made from a soft, durable, cushioned material for ease and comfort

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